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Dear Whitney,


I hope this note finds you well. I feel compelled today to write you a note of thanks for the wonderful gift you shared in the photographs that you took of our friend "Twilight Shadow Dancer."


Our Shadow passed away yesterday ending a long and wonder-filled life. One always has a head full of images of their best friend but as we sat and looked through the many beautiful pictures that you captured of Shadow our hearts were filled with her as well.


Your ability to capture her majesty and all that made her so special is truly a gift and one that we'll treasure forever. The photos that you took are the very best we ever made of her and for that we're grateful. Lots of folks take pictures; for us you captured the essence of our friend and a special memory that will help her to live forever in our hearts.


With much love,


Jim and Melanie

August 2, Warrenton Virginia



Dear Whitney,


Thank you so much for all your hard work and beautiful photos! I can not even begin to tell you how wonderful it has been to work with you. Even through some shaky planning, I knew you would be the one wedding vendor I could count on. You have not disappointed me!


We don't have tons of cute little kids and such in our young family. So family pictures are not really a big thing yet but I assure you when they are, I have found a photographer for as long as you will click the shutter! I have also recommended you to people I know getting married!


Thanks again!


Erin Wust

Married October 4, Forrest Hills, Dahlonega Georgia


Hey Whitney,


We love the book!! You did such an awesome job on it! (Not that we think you would have done anything less:) We appreciate EVERYTHING you have done over the past (almost) year that we started talking. I couldn't have asked for anything (or anyone) better!


Thanks again,


Laura Reed

Married October 18, Prince of Peace Catholic Chruch, Flowery Branch Georgia


Hi Whitney!


I finally got a chance to look at all of my pictures...and I was blown away! They are more than I could have ever imagined. You truly captured every detail of our wedding and they are such precious memories that I now get to keep forever. The pictures are gorgeous and I am such a proud bride. I can't wait to show these off!!! Thank you SO much for everything you did. You are SO incredibly talented, and I hope to be able to recommend your name every chance I get!! Thank you thank you thank you!!


Callie Leab

Married July, Duluth United Methodist Church, Duluth Georgia



Dear Whitney,


Thank you so much for taking the beautiful pictures. We absolutely love them!! You did a fabulous job.




Carrie and Noah

Married May, Hamilton Mill Golf Club, Dacula Georgia